France hydroponique

Nature takes revenge

Our philosophy

A perfect synergy

Each France Hydroponique product has been designed to bring the best of French know-how in soilless cultures. With France Hydroponique we have created a perfect synergy between soil improvement, fertilization and the stimulation of plants.

Cutting-edge products

Products like Rhizomass, PK Fury, Bud Excell are a real breakthrough in terms of biotechnology. These products were manufactured in collaboration with the best French specialists (agronomic engineer, agronomists, professional growers and horticulturists ...) and have convinced the largest groups of standards accreditations and approvals, such as AFNOR, ANSES and the French Ministry of Agriculture.

By integrating these leading-edge products to its line of fertilizers, France Hydroponics makes all that know-how, from the largest research centers and French agricultural development, accessible to everyone. These professional products can now be used by individuals for self-productions and are ideal for indoor growing under lights and controlled climate-intensity.

Research and Development

Since 2009 France Hydroponique's fertilizers have been tested, and we have made researches and changes on them, to finish the development of the France Hydroponique's fertilizers only in 2012. In search of the perfect combination and optimal compatibility with all substrates and with all types of irrigation systems. We have improved base products, which have been disigned for ornamental culture at baseline, to become a line of pure and healthy products. France Hydroponique has integrated products to increase the sugar content in essential oils, and active ingredients for medical and therapeutic crop use.

France Hydroponique products allow to obtain consistent crops by expressing the full genetic potential of the plants, and have a great deal of respect for human health and the environment.

Quality control

At France Hydroponique's, samplings are made at each production to ensure traceability, consistency and therefore a consistent quality of its fertilizers. Similarly, samples are also performed on the inputs of organic origin to ensure the quality of raw materials used in the formulation of France Hydroponiques fertilizers.

The whole science of France Hydroponique is based on the ability of the research team to bring a unique optimization at each finished product, whether it acts on physico-chemical and biological improvement of the soil, on reasoned nutrition, on plant growth stimulation or on the health equilibrium of the crop.

  • Perlite & vermiculite

    France Hydroponique Perlite et Vermiculite 10L.
    Augmente la teneur en oxygène dans les substrats. Favorise le drainage dans les pots. Retarde l’effet de tassement. Idéales pour le bouturage. Sceau en plastique noir ultra résistant !

  • Promotional offers

    FLORAL, le vin de Bourgogne Exellence 2010 à l’effigie du PK Fury.

    Profitez de l’offre en ce moment en boutique, achetez un pack complet 5x1L et recevez une bouteille de FLORAL à déguster entre amis.


    PK FURY, la combinaison 3en1 parfaite pour booster la floraison.
    Bien plus qu’un simple PK